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All active and former active guildees! Click the image to enlarge.

2016 (Guild Wars 2)

roster 2016 air the order of storms

2015 (Guild Wars 2)

air roster 2015

2014 (Guild Wars 2)

 AIR roster 2014

2013 (Guild Wars 2)

 AIR roster 2013

2012 with Red Dawn (Guild Wars 2)

 DAWN AIR roster 2012

2011 with Red Dawn (Forsaken World)

 AIR roster 2011

2010 with Red Dawn (Guild Wars 1)

DAWN AIR roster 2010

2006-2009 (Guild Wars 1)

No rosters available



Roster 2015


Membership: Recruiting is closed.

We are currently giving try outs for:

2 engi 

1 firebrand (experienced)


Trial: Our raids are teamspeak open, if you are looking for a group to run alongside with, feel free to join us on the Henge of Denravi teamspeak!


Contact an officer: Blane Loves Dita / Jiggly Purf Chan / Too Kawaii to Live / Matsu / Toyotsu chan / Shodaz