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How it all began

The history of [AIR] traces it's origins back in 2005 when a couple dutchies (Pressure & Blane) met fellow future guildees Andre, Spec & Wiggy online in command & conquer generals. They joined crews and started a competitive clan named "Reign". Together they ventured into battlefield 2 until Wiggy came across Guild Wars Factions. Impressed by the trailer he recommended it to the rest of the crew. This opened up a whole new world for them: Tyria.


Guild Wars 1 era and farewell to friends

banner guild wars factions

The year was 2006 when the brave companions set upon Cantha across the Unending Ocean. Among these arrivals we're Wiggy, Swizz, Pressure, Blane, Nero & Rusta, all who have known each other since the command & conquer days. Seeing as this was their very first MMO experience, it was on Shing Jea island these level 1 scrubs had to learn how not to be a complete useless chipotle. They founded their first guild and then received word from Master Togo, that a plague had been spreading throughout Cantha. The friends sailed to Kaineng City to put an end to this threat. After defeating Shiro, the source of the plague they settled in Cantha farming gold and scouring the hills for loot. 

One day Wiggy arrived to inform the others that his aunt had passed away and inherited a large sum of coin and that this was his last day of playing videogames. He passed on leadership and shortly after was never seen or heard from again. Some time passed and one by one the companions left the game until none remained. A few stayed in touch but the guild was on hiatus.

After 2 years, Blane and Pressure decided to give guild wars another shot after receiving word about Nightfall & Eye of the North. The year was 2009 when they came across his excellency Archgod and his underboss Sigma who spearheaded the Red Dawn guild. Impressed by their knowledge of the game and their prowess in combat they joined their guild along with most of their friends. A golden age began where the group regularly farmed Underworld and quickly dispatched demons in elite dungeons such as Urgoz Warren & The Deep. Starting a recruiting spree, Red Dawn grew even larger and prospered within a few months. During this time "Gasoline the Defiler" and "Connecter the Dane" joined the group in S4league even though Gasoline stayed away from guild wars, repeatedly making fun of everyone for playing a MMO. His words were : "you guys are just jelly puddi".

Having repeatedly beaten the hardest content in Guild Wars and with the sequel being delayed, the game became stale so the group moved on to Forsaken World. Here they met many friends such as longtime members Dita, Lina, Batchie & Vladd. All was well until one day a certain individual abruptly decided to leave the game which made Blane departure from Forsaken World. Lina took over the guild, she struggled for a while to keep the guild alive until this branch died out in 2012. This was a bad omen for things to come.

Guild Wars 2 beginnings, Dragonbrand

guild wars 2 dragonbrand

The long awaited sequel had arrived, the guild was instantly rejuvenated with many old friends returning like Vladd, Pressure, Batchie & more. Even Andre and Spec from the command & Conquer days had come back to join the fight against Zaithan. The group continued on a NA server because they did the same in guild wars 1. One day while roaming Kessex Hills, the group were ambushed by a naked jumping man who seemed delirious. It turned out to be none other than Gasoline and their reunion was joyful. Mostly roaming the borderlands and protecting Dragonbrand from foes. For a time, all went well.

One day a meeting was called due to growing concerns from the guild members. Both parties could not come to terms about the inactive leadership roles and the majority remaining active members broke off from the main branch. Having friends on both sides, Blane became discouraged after watching his friends split apart and left Tyria for nearly one year. The remaining guildees reformed as The Order of Storms [AIR] and continued their journey. The newfound guild, being mainly led by Gasoline, headed down a path of brave deeds while roaming the borderlands and battlegrounds.

The reformation period

A year had passed and [AIR] was still up to it's usual shenanigans. Blane had returned with Dita and joined what was left of his old guild in [AIR]. With his inherent ability to abduct asurans, the guild quickly added over 300 members to their ranks in the following months.

With the guild now too large for their traditional roaming activities, the guild decided to have a go in the large fight scene. They thought the best course of action would be to merge with another casual guild on Dragonbrand.

They merged with [PHI] and met many cool people and for a time they shared many adventures. One day in the slums of Rata Sum Blane encountered a shy little purple haired asura hiding around a corner. As Blane approached closer the dwarf backed away with each step. This asura's name was Bandle Snatcher and since he has always been guildless he hesitated to join. Blane convinced him otherwise and this marked the beginning of an everlasting bond between Bandle and many others. After a while the [AIR] group decided to focus other aspects of the game and ended up departing [PHI] for another guild.  They were invited to join [KING] guild who seemed to share similar interests and over 30 members joined overnight. However things didnt work out between the two parties so in the end the group decided to continue on their own as [AIR] while the majority of [KING] was absorbed into [AIR].


[AIR] reborn & The great exodus

exodus banner

A golden age for Air had begun. Notable members were Matsu, Zazzyter, Jarbeaqker, Noxus, Kingoftheblood, Aerfenn, Wharf, Dae, Brobafett and luwigz. The clan could now call upon over 300 hedgeknights, squiers, midgits and cave trolls. Under the militairy commanders Leona Artemis and Shio they fielded the official EU presence on Dragonbrand. Whenever they were called upon to do battle they answered swiftly. Gasoline became inactive and had digressed into a cocon larva stage. He passed on leadership but not before corrupting and tainting the innocent Bandle Snatcher with his greed. His chief desire now was to possess all the legendary weapons that had enslaved his mind and body.

The Denravi era

Henge of Denravi Banner

AIR is now stable and permanent in Henge of Denravi, where we fight for our server and defend it with all our might. Join us in our adventure and become part of our amazing community!