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Hello traveller, The Order Of Storms is the EU PVX guild of Henge of Denravi

Home of the chipotle train! Official Dutch guild NA! Official pocket raptor farmhouse NA!

We have players from all over the world with a european core. If you play early (3-10 PM GMT) or if you're from europe and just want to have fun then this is the place to be!

About the guild:

The founding members have been playing together since 2005 and discovered Cantha of GW1 in 2006. We have been playing guild wars 2 together since release and have roughly 300 active members. Our mentality is to have fun and horse around in a laidback environment.


The majority of our raids start in the early eu timezone, the rest start in the NA prime timezone.

What we have to offer:

  • Guild Missions 1x per week
  • Fun structured 20 man wvw raids, a talented new driver, monthly training. Open raids.
  • Forsaken Thicket pve raid 2x per week
  • Random Fractal runs


We ask our members to join at least 1 raid per week until they get promoted. No repping requirement, promotion requires repping. Everyone is welcome, as long as they are friendly towards the newer players in the MMO genre.

Interested? PM Blane Loves Dita / Bandle Snatcher / Alex Kiddo / Aerfenn / Wharf Cat / Leelucky.